Somerton Consulting Ltd is proposing the following Media activities:

   Research of a brand name for a new company, based on company personality, strategy, positioning, and also competitive landscape.

    Research of a visual logo, a musical logo, and a colour code.

    Typography and photo imagery of a Company.

    Realisation of Websites, creation of domains and email addresses and linking to others.


  •   Media Objectives, from marketing situation to media selection.               


Who do we want to reach? (Target Audience)

Where should we advertise? (Geography)

When should we advertise? (Scheduling, seasonality, practical aspects, etc.)

How many of the target audience needs to be reached and how often do we need to reach them?    

How long can we afford to advertise? (In terms of mass and continuity)

What are the creative requirements? (Creative considerations and objectives)

Is there a need to test? (Online marketing = yes)

Special marketing requirements? (Privacy, Legal, Budget)


    Media Solution


Step One: Plan Development:

Evaluation of Media

Geography Distribution

Demographic/Psychographic Composition

Cost Efficiencies

Reach/Unique Universe

Brand Synergy

Contextual Relevance

Available Inventory

Ability to Serve & Track 


Step Two: Examine alternatives


Media Mix

Day Parts


Unit Size

A & B Lists