Somerton Consulting Ltd has integrated various services to the Aviation Industry, which had been developed over the past years by independent consultants now members of our company:


  • Marketing services such as branding, creation of aviation websites, advertising, promotional activities (all these in association with our Media branch), as well as establishing market surveys and business plans.


  • Financial services, from establishing projected financial statements to searching and finding appropriate sources of financement.


  • Computerization  activities, such as specialised software programs for  aviation functions (reservation systems, flight plans, etc).


  • Aircraft brokerage, from recommending the optimal aircraft for the targeted services to searching, finding and assisting  in aircraft purchase. ACMI (Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance) or dry options are available. 


  • Recruitment of crew (Captains and First Officers) and training to local standards.


  • Third party pilot training for newly graduated pilots (type-rating, line training and building right hand seat flying hours.